5 Movies Including Dune & Mulholland Drive [Price is for all 5] in LOGANHOLME, Queensland for sale

5 Movies Including Dune & Mulholland Drive [Price is
5 Movies Including Dune & Mulholland Drive [Price is
5 Movies Including Dune & Mulholland Drive [Price is
5 Movies Including Dune & Mulholland Drive [Price is

Five [5] movies on 4 DVDs and 1 VHS including Dune; Mulholland Drive; Tarnation; I Melt With You; and London Voodoo. Price is for the lot.
Dune [3 hour extended edition]
Cult sci-fi movie. Frank Herbert novel adapted to screen by David Lynch. This is the Alan Smithee cut with the prologue. Starring Sting, Patrick Stewart, Kyle MacLachlan, Max Von Sydow & Linda Hunt.
PG. Region: 4 Running time: 180 minutes
Mulholland Drive [This one is VHS]
If you're familiar with David Lynch's other works (Eraserhead, Dune, Wild At Heart, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, etc) then you'll have a good idea of his particular brand of oddness on offer here. If not, then the blurb should suffice..."Part erotic thriller, part fantasy, part nightmare, part enigma wrapped in a riddle - this is Lynch at his most daring, provocative and complex."
Mulholland Drive recieved four Golden Globe nominations, was a winner at Cannes Film Festival and the critics mostly adored it....and it stars our very own Naomi Watts.
As you'll see from the photos, this is an ex-rental purchased from the now defunct local overnight rental establishment. I viewed it once back in the day with nary a glitch and it's been kept safe and dry in a non-smoking environment ever since.
Rated MA 15+. Running time: 146 minutes plus trailers
Self portrait doco by Jonathon Caouette. A Dendy release. David Stratton thought it was compelling and very original. I found it a bit disturbing. Extras include audio commentary and Dendy trailers.
M rated. PAL. Region: 4 Running time: 88 minutes
I Melt With You
Four middle aged friends catch up each year for a wild week away together...and down the rabbit hole they go. Starring Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven and Christian McKay.
MA 15+. PAL. Region: 4 Running time: 117 minutes
NB. This is an ex-rental dvd.
London Voodoo
Horror⁄Suspense. Pretty much what it says on the box
M rated. PAL. Region: 4 Running time: 99 minutes
NB. This is also an ex-rental dvd.
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